French Market Themed Baby Shower

French Market Themed Baby Shower

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When planning our baby shower, I searched and searched the internet for inspiration. I’m not much one for pretty pastels and baby boy blue everything. So when I came across the theme for a french market inspired baby shower, my heart swooned. The potential for a neutral pallet and all things french sent me into to a macaron planning frenzy. I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to planning events, so I did do a lot of the planning myself. I even ended up happily designing my own invitations. It’s not my fault, I started college in design school and have worked in professional marketing for years now… it’s only my nature! Thankfully, my family and best friend were understanding and wonderful in helping me execute my plan.

My sister tackled the food table like a champ. And bless her because I had a very detailed list for the food menu I wanted, which of course included macarons and chocolate croissants. Thank God, she’s always been patient with me. I’m all about efficiency and wanted to create a very conversational setting, so I wanted all our food items to be grab and go. My goal with the food was also to put as little pressure on my family as possible on the prep. No baking. No making. Just easy items we could put together the morning of the shower. So we incorporated a large charcuterie board, goat cheeses, veggie cups, and chicken salad croissants wrapped in white butcher paper and twine. We also had a beautiful white cake from Edgar’s Bakery, that I must say was to die for! And a fully stocked mimosa bar because… duh. Give the people what they came for.

It wouldn’t be a french market without flowers. But as we all know, fresh flowers can add up quick. There’s a local wholesale florist in Huntsville, so the Friday before the shower we went and grabbed all the white flowers and eucalyptus we could carry. We filled random vases and a few galvanized buckets with our discount flowers, and it came together beautifully (and affordably).

My favorite assumption from my sister when we were planning the shower was when she said to me “I know you don’t want games, right?” Dear sweet baby Jesus. NO. Y’all, she gets me. Not hating on you if that’s your cup of tea, but I was not having any one measure my giant belly to take guesses on just how large and in charge I have become. No thanks. So instead, we set up a photo station by the front door for people to snap an instant pic and add it to an album with a sweet message for baby. People seemed to love it. Now I have a precious keepsake full of fun memories from the shower that I can share with my son. Such a beautiful reminder of how loved our little man already is.

At one point, I was considering wearing a bébé t-shirt, black skirt, and french Veja sneakers to the shower… But ultimately I decided to dress it up a bit. The dress I wore for the shower was perfectly comfortable and I still enjoyed the excuse to not rock heels around a party for once. And to be honest, I’m grateful I did decide to dress up more after all. My best friend flew down from New Jersey and she photographed the event for us, and even captured some sweet maternity moments for Todd and I before the guests arrived. It was a lovely rainy day, so we weren’t able to get outside for extra shots, but she did an amazing job with the lighting from my parent’s sunroom. And we quickly learned how much like a flipped turtle I looked like when we got down on the ground for a few awkwardly rolly photos. Pregnancy can be so graceful. HA.

Those are pretty much all the details from the shower. Even despite my nit pickiness in planning, it all came together like a dream. The outpouring of love for our little man had me shook for over a week. I couldn’t believe how many people joined us to celebrate and the generosity they brought with them. We were just a little emotional as we loaded down Todd’s truck after the shower. We certainly felt the love and it was a truly special day we will remember forever.

And PS – did I mention we now have a fully stocked library for our baby? Books instead of cards was the sweetest idea, ever!

Photo Credits to Happy Photography | @happyphotography_sj