About Me

Hi y’all. Thank you for checking out One Kind Word. I am so glad you took time out your day to stop by. I was born and raised in Alabama where my husband and I still live today. We lived a few crazy years chasing careers in the busy Northeast, before deciding to put our roots back down in the South. I am a full time marketing consultant for a global software company. I love my job. It keeps me crazy busy and has given me the opportunity to travel the world. As a side hustle, my husband and I are minority owners of a local organic juice bar.

I also have a passion for all things design + style and I am constantly looking for ways to live a more holistic and positive lifestyle. I believe that there are pillars in life that ground us and make us whole – family, health, and spirituality. I am also a firm believer that mindset is everything and that the energy we put into the world is the energy returned to us. That is meaning behind the title of this blog. One kind word can change someone’s else’s day and ultimately, your life. 

One Kind Word is my creative outlet to share the things we find in life that are helping us live a more kind and well-balanced life. I hope that this blog provides a positive impact on others and helps other live a more intentionally while creating a life you love.